Purpose built livestreaming for real estate professionals

Home Live is your way to engage with buyers and renters everywhere.

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Property Inspections

Live, interactive walkthroughs to a global audience of potential buyers or renters.

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  • Open Inspections

    Just like in-person open inspections, conducted remotely to a world of potential buyers.
  • Private Inspections

    Have a specific group of people that want to see the property but can't physically make it? Speak directly to this audience by an invite only livestream.
  • Scheduled or Unscheduled

    Be the agent satisfying the needs of the 79% of vendors who want better qualified buyers at OFI's.
  • Drive Portal ROI

    Convert portal traffic to foot-traffic by pre-qualifying interest in the property before having people physically walk through.

Build your personal brand with live video today!


Build a valuable following by sharing market insights, results and news.

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  • Market Updates

    Give real time updates on market conditions, establish yourself as the go-to agent in your area.
  • Sales Results

    Celebrate your wins so prospective clients can see you get results.
  • Thought Leadership

    Stand out from your competitors by showing your deeper understanding of how to succeed in real estate.
  • Anything You Like!

    Vendor interviews, office tours or anything you like. Have fun with it!

Start converting your followers and website traffic into leads today!

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Broadcast your property auctions so that anyone unable to attend can watch remotely.

  • On-Site Auctions

    Capture all the excitement of your on-site auction in realtime by hosting a livestream of the event.
  • Multi Auctions

    Hosting an in-room auction event? Livestream multiple auctions for multiple listings from a single link.


Streamline your maintenance approvals by hosting livestreams with landlords and contractors.

  • Maintenance Requests

    Save on call-out fees by showing multiple tradespeople a maintenance issue through a single livestream.
  • Routine Inspections

    Give landlords a frictionless, permanent record of their asset by hosting private routine inspections.
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Home Live has everything you need

High Definition

High Definition

Gorgeous quality video to attract buyers.


Lead Capture

No time wasted figuring out who watched.


Unique Data

On buyer engagement & interest level.


All Your Listings

Sale and rental, residential and commercial.


Real Time

Split second delay for perfect interactivity.

Local Save

Publish Streams

So people can watch after the stream ends.

Build your personal brand with live video today!

Suitable for all properties

Residential and commercial, sales and property management, established and development projects - All benefit from using Home Live (and Commercial Live!).

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Get your message to everyone

Buyers and renters can tune into your website, your social media channels or Home Live's websites and apps, on mobile, tablet, desktop or Smart TV.

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Start converting your followers and website traffic into leads today!

Easy to setup and attract an audience

Schedule and market your livestreams just like your in-person inspections.

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  1. Schedule

    Set your livestream dates and times in advance.
  2. Choose your audience

    Stream to audiences on Home Live, your own website, Facebook, YouTube and Home Live enabled portals.
  3. Promote

    Share your livestream schedule out across your database and marketing channels.
  4. Gather RSVP's

    Interested buyers/renters will both pre-register for your stream and show up on the day.

Simple to host and automatically collect leads

Home Live lets you focus on promoting your listings and improving your personal brand by gathering lead data for you.

  1. Showtime!

    Showcase the property to interested parties like in-person inspections, just to a much larger audience.
  2. Publish

    Review and publish your livestream so anyone who missed it can still watch and indicate their interest.
  3. Connect

    Receive verified name, phone number, email, engagement, interest level and chat transcript from viewers.
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Start converting your followers and website traffic into leads.

The only virtual inspection tool that puts the agent front & centre.


of transactions no longer involve a physical inspection.


of vendors preference an agent who offers livestreaming.


of vendors want only pre-qualified buyers at inspections.


of buyers prefer livestreams prior to physical inspections.

Start converting your followers and website traffic into leads today!

Sales Agents & Property Managers

Streamline your own sales while giving buyers & renters the ultimate in time saving convenience.

  • Secure more listings
  • Decrease time on market
  • Filter out tire kickers

Groups & Franchises

Empower your entire network while reinforcing your brand using our proprietary Smart Embedding technology.

  • A powerful way to drive traffics
  • Added marketing/technology for your Agents
  • Broader audience of buyers and renters

Real Estate Portals

Become Home Live enabled and transform time on site, logged in usage, advertiser ROI and attribution metrics while single handedly addressing the threat of Facebook Live.

  • A fully integrated livestreaming solution
  • Creates a step change in usage metrics
  • Generate unique, useful engagement data

Web Developers

Enhance the value of your real estate client’s website with a turnkey livestreaming solution.

  • Simple to integrate
  • Fully customisable styles
  • Partnership program available

Don't just take our word for it

Home Live is just so simple and easy to use. The support staff are amazing and available anytime to answer your questions and help with whatever you need. Most importantly it's making our lives as agents easier, more time productive and giving you the maximum exposure. I’ve tried, I’m using it and I’m loving it.' Billy
Home Live is brilliant. It works, it's good to go and we're including it as an option for all our listings. Rose
We couldn't have more confidence in Home Live as a partner. Josh
Home Live has been a great addition to our skillset. We have been using the platform to give our followers a sneak peak of listings we have coming to market. Our vendors have loved this addition into our marketing campaign as it gives them another cost effective way to find the right buyer for their home before they go to the property portals like Realestate.com and Domain.com. James
  • Coronis
  • Harcourts
  • One Agency
  • Plus Agency
  • Remax
  • Stockton Grange

See how Home Live works

Radically fair pricing

Residential packages


  • 2 Seats
  • $49 extra per seat
  • Unlimited Property Listings
  • 20 GCID Verifications
  • BONUS Unlimited Livestreams
  • ASIC related searches
* Verification Add-on Blocks not available on this subscription


  • 4 Seats
  • $49 extra per seat
  • Unlimited Property Listings
  • 80 GCID Verifications
  • BONUS Unlimited Livestreams
  • BONUS Auto-Fill Agency forms
  • ASIC related searches

Add-on Blocks

  • 10 GCID Verifications $19.95
  • 20 GCID Verifications $32.40
  • 40 GCID Verifications $49

Commercial packages


  • $49 per seat
  • 30 Property Listings
  • Auto Fill Agency Forms
  • Unlimited GoCheck ID verification and services
  • Unlimited Inspection Verification
  • Unlimited live streams
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited non-streaming users


  • $49 per seat
  • Unlimited Property Listings
  • Auto Fill Agency Forms
  • Unlimited GoCheck ID verification and services
  • Unlimited Inspection Verification
  • Unlimited live streams
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited non-streaming users
* All prices are excluded GST Additional costs for ASIC and related company and trust searches

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